Hi Friend!

I’m Angie


And I'm so glad you're here. When we learn to love ourselves, we can communicate better, connect more deeply, and make a fulfilling contribution to the world around us.

I know this is true because I've walked this journey myself.  

My journey started many years ago 

I was a young wife and mother of 7 kids who was struggling to find a balance between a demanding career as a nurse and a desire to be fully present in my husband & kids' lives. (Not to mention find even just a tiny bit of time for myself.)

I was very hard on myself and carried a lot of stress. This usually led to breakdowns in communication and strained relationships at work and home. I was tired. I was dragging. I was unfulfilled. I knew there had to be a better way.

Enter Personal Growth.

I found myself a mentor and together we created a plan that aligned with who I am and how I wanted to show up in life. I was looking for a way to continue to serve others while building a loving relationship with myself, great connection with others, and work I loved showing up for. 

It was during this time that I began to discover how communication was the 'make or break' factor in having great relationships and good outcomes at work. And then in one of those lightbulb moments where things all just seem to click together, I realized that if someone were to come to a place of true peace and love with themselves AND add great communication skills to that? They'd be unstoppable. 

So I went back to the books and gained multiple certifications in mindfulness and communication and began to put everything that I was learning into play in my life.

The results I was seeing were so astounding, I knew it was time to get this work out to the world.

And so my first program, The Nurse Leadership Mastery Program was born.

Through this program, I have empowered hundreds of nurses, healthcare workers, and health organizations to improve communication, increase trust, up-level their effectiveness in their personal lives as well as within their organizations and create better outcomes for their patients.

The more I did this work among a wider variety of healthcare workers, the more I realized these teachings could be used to improve relationship health, business success, and so much more, so I launched my signature program, The Communication Mastery Program to empower people from all walks of life to gain a greater awareness of themselves and others so that they can build healthy, trusting relationships and lead a fulfilling life with great outcomes in their personal and professional relationships. 

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