I Don't Remember Her Name

Last week my 42 yr. old cousin Patrick, shared some of his memories of his 69 day stay in the hospitals for 2 organ transplants. His now fiancee Wendy, was there with him as his +one per covid protocol, sharing the family watch time with Patrick's sister, Sarah.

The following is a bit of Wendy’s experience with the nurses that helped make his life and their family possible.  

“During Patrick’s 69 days in the hospital, I experienced the love and care of many nurses. All of which helped tremendously during the worst days of our lives. During his most critical days he was intubated and in a coma and a nurse was required to be in his room at all times. I really felt the care and compassion of the nurses during that time. 

Patrick’s nurse Marcy was there the morning after he coded. Watching your loved one receive CPR for ten minutes is something I hope to never experience again and not something I would want anyone to experience. The nurse that comforted me during that time was amazing and unfortunately I don’t remember her name.  It’s that age old saying that says something about not remembering exactly what they did, but how they made you feel is true. 

Marcy was compassionate and told me personal stories to relate to our situation.  She got me more tissues and masks when I had soaked mine with tears. She was extremely knowledgeable and explained things to me in terms I understood.  A week later when Patrick was eventually transferred to Iowa city she made the trip with him in the ambulance, which I later learned is not standard to have a nurse ride along. She called me from her personal cell phone after they had arrived at the University of Iowa to let me know they had made it and he was stable.  

I will always be grateful to the care teams at Allen and U of I. Without them, we wouldn’t have Patrick. The care and compassion they had for us did not go unnoticed.”


I know that writing about their experience, Patrick and Wendy had a lot of emotions come up. Thanks to both of them for taking the time to share and show appreciation and love to you all <3